Lessons from 2013

13 Lessons I’ve Learnt in 2013

I can’t wait for 2013 to be over, it has been a challenging year and I shall not miss it! Out of every bad thing comes some good though, so here are 13 of the most salient lessons I have learnt in 2013 that I hope you enjoy and can appreciate as we move forward into 2014:

  1. Nothing happens by chance. Nothing.
  1. Your own company can sometimes be the best company. Solitude can be enjoyable.
  1. Tell the people that you love and appreciate that you love and appreciate them, self included.
  1. Have a plan. God and/or the universe may laugh at it, but to fail to plan is to plan to fail.
  1. Always do what feels right. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you. Those who truly love you and know you will “understand” even if they don’t understand.
  1. If you must feel sorry for yourself have the decency to do so with a decent drink in your hand.
  1. Be thankful. For everything. If you find that difficult to do, it might help to remind yourself that nothing happens by chance.
  1. Nothing is too expensive, no place is too far, no idea is too outlandish, if the purpose of it is to make yourself happy. Because you are worth it.
  1. Never underestimate the joy the you will derive from making another person happy.
  1. It is okay to admit your mistakes and it is great to try to do better.
  1. Just as there are many who do not know your struggle, you do not know the struggles of others. Treat others how you want to be treated. Always. Caveat: it is silly of you to think that others will be good to you just because you are good to them. Be good anyway.
  1. Everyone who says, “I love you,” or “I want the best for you,” or “I’m happy for you,” doesn’t necessarily mean it. Don’t take their insincerity personally. That’s their problem. YOU focus on loving you. YOU should want the best for you. YOU be happy for and proud of yourself; because in the grand scheme of things that’s all that really matters.
  1. Love yourself – the great, the good, the quirky, the not-so-good…because it is what makes you YOU and if you don’t love and appreciate yourself, then why should anyone else?