Why It’s Ok To Pursue A Career Change

It’s okay to no longer love what you do, as long as you explore what it is that you’d rather be doing and then take the necessary steps towards doing it.

It isn’t uncommon for persons who may be pros at what they do, who used to have a raging passion for it, to gradually become disenchanted, or bored, or to just develop a desire to chart and/or pursue a totally different course. And that’s okay!
We are not static human beings living in a static world. Our world is constantly changing, trends change all the time and we change as we adapt to our individual changing circumstances. So why does the thought of desiring a different career path make some of us feel so guilty? Why is the idea that we may be falling out of love with the career we once loved so much so scary to some of us?

The advice I have for those of you who may want to explore new options, because your present career may not be providing the feeling of fulfillment it once did, is this:

1. Explore exactly what it is that may be causing your current mindset. Is it a temporary situation? Is it something that can be changed or adjusted? These are important considerations because as fulfilling as it can potentially be, changing your career is a huge undertaking that should probably not be done on a whim.

2. Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and chart exactly what will be involved in making the switch. This includes things like whether additional education will be required, possible changes to your finances, and potential effects on your family/relationships (especially if a relocation will be involved).

3. Once you have weighed the reasons behind your desire for change and you have accounted for how things are likely to change, and you are comfortable (truly at peace) with what is before you…I say go for it!

Good luck!

(Originally posted on LinkedIn and may be viewed on my profile, at http://www.linkedin.com/in/skinbylesley)