You Are Strong…


As I slowly but surely get back into the groove of focusing on doing the things that I love, I had a thought today. Then I personally figured it was so thought-provoking that I had to make it into a meme and share on my Instagram account.
After sharing it there, I felt like it would be an almost perfect way to get back into my writing. And this post was born.

Despite coming out on top when faced with some fairly crappy situations over the past 3 years, or so, I have made a number of observations; these include:

1. I continue to be faced with crappy situations, and likely will be for the remainder of my time on this planet (yay me!)

2. The fact that I am able to emerge victorious, no matter how dreadful things appear, suggests to me that I am indeed strong. (Note that in this context, victory for me does not mean necessarily having the outcome that I anticipated or wanted, but victory is being able to learn from an experience and therefore be forearmed should a similar experience occur in the future.)

3. Being strong does not mean that I will always feel strong.

With those thoughts in mind, I came up with the quote you see at the top of this page.

You are not weak. You are strong. At times you will forget that. At times you will cry. And you will plead to a higher power. And you won’t be able to sleep. Or you will sleep too much. And you will avoid others. And you will refuse food. Or you will eat too much. At times you will want to disappear. And you will feel weak.

But you are strong. And strength only comes through rigorous training. And in the game of life, the training comes in the form of trials. Do not be discouraged. Keep going.

Your trials are to remind you of your strengths.

And your strength and courage will in turn be an inspiration to someone else.


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